Waffen-SS: Hitler’s Army at War

Published by Di Cappo, 2019
The Waffen-SS was the military wing of Heinrich Himmler’s SS and one of the most feared combat organizations of the 20th Century. During its short history, the elite divisions of the Waffen-SS acquired a reputation for military excellence, but their superb battlefield record was matched by their repeated atrocities against soldiers and civilians alike.

The Waffen-SS was always more than just a simple combat force. Himmler envisaged it acting as the vanguard for a Pan-Germanic empire under the control of Europe’s Aryan peoples. He actively sought out racially acceptable recruits from across the continent, ultimately transforming the Führer’s protection squad into a vast multinational army with 900,000 men passing through its ranks. The role of the Waffen-SS in furthering the aims of the Third Reich is the central theme of this portrayal of Adolf Hitler’s political soldiers.

This definitive single-volume history considers the contribution of foreign troops to the Waffen-SS, and examines its specialist training and ideological outlook. The battles and campaigns that brought the Waffen-SS both fame and notoriety are covered in detail.

Published by Da Cappo in the US in June 2019 and in the UK on 25 July 2019.

“Adrian Gilbert’s chilling and engrossing account of the rise of an organization that went from elite bodyguards and parade-ground soldiers to the most-feared military organization since the Roman legions is arguably the best history of the Waffen-SS ever written. Making the work even more compelling is the author’s extensive use of personal recollections of former SS troopers themselves. An instant classic.”

FLINT WHITLOCK, author of Desperate Valour: Triumph at Anzio, and editor of World War II Quarterly.

“Measured and balanced, Adrian Gilbert’s analysis of Himmler’s Waffen-SS provides an insightful single-volume account of an always contentious subject.”

DANNY S. PARKER, author of Hitler’s Warrior: The LIfe and Wars of SS Colonel Jochen Peiper and Battle of the Bulge: Hitler’s Ardennes Offensive.

“Adrian Gilbert’s history of the Waffen-SS is a sober, serious, well-researched antithesis to the speculative fanboy trash that has characterized so much of the writing about this sinister organization. I thoroughly recommend it.”

ADRIAN WEALE, author of Army of Evil, A History of the SS.