The Waffen-SS was the military wing of Heinrich Himmler’s SS and one of the most feared combat organizations of the 20th Century. During its short history, the elite divisions of the Waffen-SS acquired a reputation for military excellence, but their superb battlefield record was matched by their repeated atrocities against soldiers and civilians alike.

The Waffen-SS was always more than just a simple combat force. Himmler envisaged it acting as the vanguard for a Pan-Germanic empire under the control of Europe’s Aryan peoples. He actively sought out racially acceptable recruits from across the continent, ultimately transforming the Führer’s protection squad into a vast multinational army with 900,000 men passing through its ranks. The role of the Waffen-SS in furthering the aims of the Third Reich is the central theme of this portrayal of Adolf Hitler’s political soldiers.

This definitive single-volume history considers the contribution of foreign troops to the Waffen-SS, and examines its specialist training and ideological outlook. The battles and campaigns that brought the Waffen-SS both fame and notoriety are covered in detail.

Published by Da Cappo in the US in June 2019 and in the UK on 25 July 2019.