Sniper One-on-One

St Martin’s Press (US) | Sidgwick & Jackson (UK)

one-on-oneFor the ordinary soldier, modern warfare is an impersonal business over which he has little direct control. For the sniper, however, it is a deadly and personal confrontation – with only one winner. This best-selling book examines sniping’s historical background, from its origins in the American Revolution through the two world wars to more recent conflicts, including Vietnam, the Falklands and the Gulf War. An authoritative account of this most important of military skills.

Sniper is a comprehensive account of the occupation as it is carried out today, complete with a guide to the best weapons for the task.”
‐ Robert Fox, The Daily Telegraph

“Brings a new insight to the art of sniping … accounts of the engagements are excellent …. Descriptions of the training and deployment were of great interest and comprehensively covered … a most interesting book, well researched. Excellent.”
‐ Military Illustrated

“An authoritative history and description of sniping … brings to life the patience, tenacity, and skill required by the successful sniper.”
‐ Combat and Militaria


Stalk and Kill: The Sniper Experience

St Martin’s Press (US) | Sidgwick & Jackson (UK)

stalkComplementing Sniper One-on-One, this book selects vivid eye-witness accounts to describe the training of a sniper, how he operates and how effective his is on the battlefield. The sniper is able to tell his own story: what it feels like to look down a telescopic sight and observe the face of the man he is about to kill; the ordeal of operations behind enemy lines; and the boredom and exhaustion of hours spent motionless waiting for the perfect shot. Stalk and Kill is a detailed and graphic examination of sniping in the field.

“Speaking as a professional sniper with service in Northern Ireland and the Falklands, I do have to say this book is one of the best. 5/5”
‐ Review

“No sniper library can be complete without a copy.”
‐ USMC Sniping

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