Music Behind Barbed Wire

The August issue of Gramophone magazine includes a feature by Adrian about music in POW camps – particularly the extraordinary Eichstatt Music Festival of 1944, which saw the world premiere of a choral piece by Benjamin Britten. On sale now, priced £4.40.

Adrian Gilbert in Weaponology

“Don’t bother running, you’ll only die tired!” Adrian appears as a sniping expert inWeaponology, a series on Discovery Civilisations. Adrian is in the episode, Sniper Rifles, which airs on May 8th and May 19th.

POW Available in Paperback

POW is published in paperback, with a new jacket. Publicity includes BBC radio interviews and magazine features (Gramophone, Writers’ Forum). For publicity queries about the paperback, contact Lucy Dixon at John Murray on +44(0)20 7873 6438.